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Course Modules

• M1: Fundamentals
• M2: Physical Networks
• M3: TCP/IP Networks
• M4: Internetworking
• M5: Wireless LANs
• M6: Wide Area Networks
• M7: CyberSecurity Principles
• M8: Defending Networks
• M9: Evolving Network Technologies
• M10: Network Operations
• M11: Network Planning


• There are no required pre-requisites for Network+ certification
• 9 months of networking experience is recommended

CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ certification validates your knowledge and skills of installing, managing, and troubleshooting networks on various platforms. This course is composed to help you learn all the required objectives to gain the CompTIA Network+ certification. You will learn the latest networking technologies available, various networks and networking protocols, identify VPN and VLAN features, DNS concepts, and implement wireless networks.
Several benefits of Network+ certification helps you to succeed in the IT network field:
• Improving your career opportunities
• Increasing your credibility among your peers
• Enhancing the value of your resume

Program Highlights

• Explaining the purpose and uses of ports and protocols
• Explaining devices, applications protocols, and services on their appropriate OSI layers
• Explaining the characteristics and concepts of routing and switching
• Understanding to configure the appropriate IP address
• Understanding of network topologies types and technologies
• Implement the appropriate wireless technologies and configurations